N30 Pharmaceuticals is now Nivalis Therapeutics, Inc.

Nivalis Therapeutics (formerly N30Pharma) is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. Our company is small, but passionate and growing.  We have transitioned from an early-stage company solely focused on preclinical exploration, to a clinical-stage company that is focused on translating bench-side science into patient benefit.  As part of this evolution, we found it important that our company name communicate the commitment, passion, and energy that we are bringing to the CF community as we strive to discover and develop innovative solutions that improve and extend the lives of people managing CF.

Our new corporate name, Nivalis Therapeutics, came from one of our own scientists, and is derived from the Latin term for “of snow”. No individual snowflake is alike, and neither are most CF patients.  With over 1,800 mutations responsible for CF, treating the disease will require the scientific precision to provide medicine as individual as a snowflake.